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If you're a female who is interested in riding as well I would have to say, stop just thinking and wondering about it and get up and start doing it!
The first and most important thing I can recommend for those ladies who are considering riding, would be to not allow yourself to be pressured by or learn from your boyfriend, husband, brother or any friend. It is very easy to pick up bad habits and can put stress on your relationship. I've seen it and heard about it WAY too many times. I highly recommend going straight to a motorcycle safety course. Taking a motorcycle course will teach you how to save your life. It's as simple as that. You learn in a safe and comfortable environment with trained professionals on smaller lightweight motorcycles that are provided for you. And in no time at all, usually a couple of weeks, you've passed your course and you've got your license to ride.
Look in your local yellow pages for schools, go to your local shops and talk to people who are riding, even if you don't know them, people who ride love to talk bikes.
Learning to ride is not hard, it's just very different from driving a car. But SO much better!

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